Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2017-2018 Chamber Chorale & Women's Chorale

Thank you for your patience while I figured out the class lists for next year.  Parents who are familiar with how choirs have worked in the past:  there has been a slight change.  Women's Chorale and Chamber Chorale are considered the same level, and BOTH choirs will contain sophomore, junior, and senior sopranos and altos. In the past, only junior and senior girls were considered for Chamber Chorale.  The girls have been divided evenly between the two choirs, with the goal that at some point during high school (outside of making Chamber Singers), sopranos and altos will have a chance to sing with tenors and basses for at least one year.  This is the most fair system for the way our numbers look for the next couple years.  I am excited for the direction we will be moving with the choirs.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Students will NOT need to talk to their counselor to change their schedules.  Administration will make the changes for us.  If your name is not on these lists, you will be signed up for Concert Choir.  If you believe your name was left off the list in error, please see Mr. L ASAP.

Women's Chorale and Chamber Chorale lists for 2017-2018