Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Unit 5 Musical Arts Extravaganza!


Our next performance will be the Unit 5 Musical Arts Extravaganza...usually called the Spaghetti Supper. : ) Our event is on Monday, November 8.  NCHS Choirs will be performing several different musical theatre numbers as a mass combined choir. Our performance time is 7:50 pm in the Auditorium. Students will wear jeans and their NCHS choir shirt (which finally came in today!). Please see the message below from the U5 Music Parents on how you can donate for this concert fundraiser. Thanks!  

Dear Unit 5 Music Families,

The Unit 5 Musical Arts Extravaganza is the 2021 concert and fundraiser, sponsored by the Unit 5 Music Department and the McLean County Unit 5 Music Parents Association. In the past this annual fundraiser was a Spaghetti Supper that allowed families to financially support the music programs by purchasing tickets for a spaghetti meal and enjoying the talents of their children in a musical performance.Covid-19 has eliminated our ability to hold the supper portion of our event and changed the fundraising approach.Fortunately our students get to showcase their talents with musical performances from 5:30-9:00 pm at NCHS.

In lieu of the spaghetti supper to raise funds, we are simply asking for your generous financial donation for these important programs. Many programs have large financial short-falls due to the pandemic.The best part of the fundraiser is that 100% of your donation will go directly to support the Unit 5 music programs and Unit 5 Music Parents Association!

Our programs desperately need your financial support and every donation helps! Perhaps you could donate enough to cover a piece of music ($150). You might consider donating what you would have spent at the spaghetti supper; approximately $10 per dinner ticket. All donations made to U5MP are deductible charitable donations and you will receive a receipt for your donation.

Your donations help to support the music programs with the following expenses:

  • Music purchases (one piece of music costs up to $150)

  • Classroom essentials like music stands, stools, risers, etc.

  • New instruments and repairs

  • Supply needs for at risk students

  • Uniform cleaning

  • Concerts

  • Accompanists

Here is the link to access the online fundraiser:


Please share this fundraising campaign with your friends, neighbors, family and alumni who enjoy hearing our young musicians!

Thank you for your donation and support to keep our music programs going!

Unit 5 Music Parents Association